ABC Action News Reports on Robert Johnson Soil Collection Ceremony

ABC Action News covered the Robert Johnson Soil Collection Ceremony at The Portico. Sometimes our faith calls us to confront painful parts of our past and work to make right the wrongs of previous generations. One way we are engaging with this work is through our Justice Ministry. Recently, we partnered with Tampa City Councilman Luis Viera and the Equal Justice Initiative  to gather soil at the site where Robert Johnson, a Black man, was lynched on January 28, 1934.

Watch the ceremony below.

Paddle with Purpose Showcased by 10TampaBay

@10tampabay covered our faith-based group who have decided to not only build community through kayaking together, but to also clean up the water while we paddle! We all value connection and community, but also want to help our neighborhood stay clean. You’re invited to join us on the third Sunday of every month!

Paddle with Purpose takes to the waters of the Hillsborough River at 8 a.m. on the third Sunday of every month. See launch instructions and other information here.

The Portico Campus

The Portico Campus

The Portico Campus

Extending Hyde Park United Methodist’s mission and vision into the urban core of Tampa, The Portico campus offers Downtown Tampa Conversation, Connection and Community Change. The Portico campus, located at 1001 N. Florida Ave holds worship 5:30 p.m. each Sunday.

Lift Every Voice: Stories of Injustice and Learned Racism

Lift Every Voice: Stories of Injustice and Learned Racism

The holidays are here – a season of love. But how can we love our neighbors when the city is so divided?

The summer of 2020 ushered in a new era of truth and advocacy that confronts our country’s history of racial discrimination and injustice. Beginning with the “Tampa Technique,” a documentary film about Tampa’s Central Avenue business, a conversation began about the need for a new social justice movement in our time. The dialogue that began there continues with this new event.

Lift Every Voice is a virtual storytelling event you won’t miss!

Storytelling can be a powerful tool in building bridges to our lived experiences. These stories will teach us to:

  1. Be better advocates for racial justice
  2. Be better allies to all people of color
  3. Know better and do better

Courageous conversations validate the lived experiences of injustice and discrimination of people in our lives and in our communities.

These are our friends and neighbors in Tampa Bay. They are people we love, in the city we love. Together, we can make this a better place and life for all.

The event, presented by The Justice Ministry of Hyde Park United Methodist, is free and open to the public. Please pre-register.

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