Daily Prayer




April 16-17

April 16: God of the resurrection, we long to be like Peter, who caught wind of the resurrection and ran toward the tomb with hope and curiosity. How much of our world could be cured with a little bit of hope and curiosity? Show us how to enact both of these skills into the daily fabric of our lives. Undoubtedly, our world is better for it. Amen.

April 17: God of new life and new beginnings, you are forever inviting me into a deeper life—a life full to the brim with meaningful work, meaningful relationships, joy, beauty, awe, and wonder. Your resurrection is a reminder that new life is possible. As we move forward in this Easter season, give me the courage to build new life here. Amen.

Prayers by Sarah Speed | A Sanctified Art, LLC | sanctifiedart.org

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