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Courageous Conversations: To Kill a Mockingbird
Nov 16, 2022 at 6:00 PM
Organizer: Chalette Davis

Courageous Conversations: How To Kill a Mockingbird Teaches an Important History Connecting Slavery to Mass Incarceration

Join us for this time of reflection, evaluation and exploration.  

Courageous Conversations is a hybrid event that offers an intimate look at The Tampa-Hillsborough EJI Coalition’s pilgrimage to The Legacy Museum in Montgomery, AL.

This event will also examine To Kill a Mockingbird as a fictional literary reflection--encapsulating a history in time of real-life, racial terror occurrences throughout our country.

This evening, hosted by our Justice Team, will also include a small panel of experts and community leaders that will present a nonpartisan explanation of current events and policies working to prohibit historical and literary works of this sort in our public education system. 

These Courageous conversations are a series of events, discussions and learning opportunities that validate the lived experiences of injustice and discrimination of people in our lives and in our communities.

These are our friends and neighbors in Tampa Bay.

They are people we love, in a city we love.


This is event is presented by The Justice Ministry of Hyde Park UMC.

All are welcome. All are loved.


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