July 2022 Update

MLC Update: Facilities Task Force Concludes with Recommendations

The Facilities Task Force presented recommendations on Thursday, July 7 to the MLC members. All recommendations passed unanimously! We are excited to share the next steps with you.

MLC approved the following recommendations and delegated future actions to the MLC Executive Team subject to funding availability:

  1. Remodel Small Blessings (SB) Preschool Play Area to bring up to current code.
    • Funding will be sourced through grants, past fundraising, and surplus funds within the Small Blessings Budget.
  2. Remodel DeLeon Block Vacant Building to be used for Missions & Open Arms.
    • Funding to be determined through the Finance Committee.
  3. Remodel The Portico’s Branscomb Hall to focus on marginalized individuals through multi-use opportunities.
    • Funding will come through grants and community partnerships.
  4. Refurbish DeLeon Block to add green space and landscaping, ensuring the block mirrors the rest of the Hyde Park Campus. This will be a phased process.
    • Funding provided through capital reserves
  5. Renovate Bicycle Ministry Parcel Building. This space will be used for much-needed campus storage.
    • No funding needed currently.

We are grateful for the daunting work of the task force. Please see the full presentation here.

We will hold a Q & A session in early August when Magrey returns. Please submit your questions in advance of the meeting Info@hydepark.com.

We are grateful to all of you for your support and generosity. The members of Hyde Park continue to steward the resources that God has given us in ways that Make God’s Love Real in our community and beyond.





April 2022 Update 

Last November, our Ministry Leadership Council (MLC) chartered a Facilities and Property Task Force to develop a prioritized and time-phased master plan for utilization, improvement and disposition of facilities and real property owned by Hyde Park United Methodist. They were tasked to frame their recommendations in terms of relative priority among three time frames — near term (this year and next), mid term (2-5 years out) and long term (out to 20 years if possible) — and to discern the conditions and trigger points for both the timing and priority for meeting our ministry needs.  We put out a call for volunteers for the Task Force, and our Committee on Lay Leadership accepted task force volunteers and also asked other church members with relevant expertise to join in (task force members are listed below).  The MLC expects a final set of recommendations in June or July.


(in alphabetical order)

Wendy Anastasiou

Mary Britain

Jim Cloar

Rob Foss

Steve Gardner

Kevin Gray

Gary Heckman

Kelly Howard-Allen

John Mathew

Cheryl Parrish


The Task Force first researched previous work on the topic – former master plans, visioning, vision implementation, etc. – to know the current body of discernment regarding facilities.  They then reviewed each ministry area – worship, discipleship, congregational care, the Portico, missions and outreach — of the church and built upon prior work and staff input to draft around two dozen “ministry need statements” that span the near to long term.  They are now looking at the near-, mid- and long-term impacts of each ministry need, and integrating the review by arraying each of the ministry needs by the locations that may provide potential solutions.  Mindful of good stewardship, the preference is to find ministry need solutions that do not require additional facilities.

Task force actions are still “pre-decisional,” but here are some of the big picture issues that are shaping how we undertake this task.

  • Factors driving future facilities requirements at Hyde Park and Portico campuses
    • Transitioning from a pre-COVID to a post-COVID concept of church operations
    • Expected growth in youth and children’s ministries, and Small Blessings Preschool
    • Accommodating emerging ministry needs at the Hyde Park campus, and also at the Portico, especially at Branscomb Hall
  • Near term needs
    • Smoothing competing ministry needs in the Wesley Center and Magnolia Building
    • Outdoor space for Open Arms + Small Blessings + Youth and Children’s Ministries
  • Considerations in the 2-5 year planning horizon and beyond
    • Resolving any competing ministry needs in our current facilities and outlying land parcels
    • Possible further growth in youth/children’s ministries beyond Wesley and Magnolia facility capacities
    • Furtherance of ministry needs at Branscomb Hall and the DeLeon block
    • Accommodating emerging ministry needs on the DeLeon block and outlying parcels, and exploring possible long-term income-producing opportunities that do not cancel out priority ministry needs.

The task force has accrued more than thirty hours of meeting time since last December, along with time spent with the Program Staff, the Board of Trustees, the Finance Committee, and the Executive Team of the MLC. On Tuesday, April 5, the entire MLC received a progress report from the task force. The MLC gave approval related to the two pressing/urgent needs listed above: 1) Interior modifications to the Wesley Center, as coordinated by impacted ministry teams, and 2) The concept of an outdoor covered pavilion on the Magnolia block, with details to be determined as the task force completes its work.

This is an exciting time.  You all continue to be generous in supporting the church’s mission, and we who shepherd the use of God’s resources renew our pledge to be excellent stewards of your treasure and your trust.  We are truly blessed here at Hyde Park United Methodist, and we aim to preserve and grow this blessing for God’s glory and for future generations.


For questions please contact info@hydeparkumc.org


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