Fill the Table is an initiative launched in July 2020 by The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. Through a network of statewide partnerships and collaboration, the goal is to feed 3 million Floridians by September 2021.

Hyde Park United Methodist’s Open Arms ministry serves meals on Sunday mornings to hungry and homeless members of our community and our mission partners address this need as well. In the coming months, as we work toward the Fill The Table goal, we will be reporting the number of meals served through Open Arms and through our mission partners.

Get involved with Fill The Table!

You can help by volunteering with our mission partners:

While we are not able to meet in person for worship, small groups and other activities during the COVID limitations, the congregation can still be engaged in the Open Arms ministry. You can participate in Open Arms by letting our Open Arms friends know they are remembered and cared for by writing greeting cards. Learn More

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