Hyde Park’s Forum Class was asked to write a psalm that spoke to the fear and uncertainty of the COVID pandemic. A sampling of these psalms appears below.

“A Psalm” by Joan F. Rhyne

Listen to the song birds trill,

Calling Spring has come!

The handiwork of the Lord!

Hear the sound of leaves on trees

In the gentle wind,

Thanks to the breath of our Lord!

Ripples of the sparkling waters

As the tides flow through.

Strength of the Lord’s waving hand!

Buds bursting forth with vibrance!

The birth of flowers!

Glorious works of the Lord!

Raindrops fall and sun glistens

O’er all warming earth.

The watchful Lord casts blessings!

Even in our stressful days

Now life has changed.

The Lord gives us hope through faith!

Each morning finds a newness,

Awaken with joy.

Lord God we all trust in You!

Pray for all that surrounds us.

His mighty power

Is omnipresent – BELIEVE!

“A Psalm” by Kathy Ollivier

May God give hope to all people and bring them to Him,
so that they can know His ways of love.

May all people practice peace among nations and treat others with dignity and respect,
so the world can reflect the beauty of all of God’s creation.

“A Psalm” by Jim Ferman

Where do we go, Lord,
In this time of difficulty and uncertainty, except
To you –
But how do we live and act –
What is our role, our response?
Our action, or our patience
With inaction?
Our hearts and minds are full
Of concern for ourselves and others.
Those we hold dear and
Those we don’t know.
Show us a way –
Show us your way.

“A Personal Psalm” by Richard G. Rhyne, Sr.

Tho I have sinned against you God

You have never left me

Tho I have faced many dangers

Your love has protected me

You are my only God who will reign forever

“COVID Psalm” by Joanie Mellen

C … Come O Lord, we beseech thee
For a scourge has covered the land.

O … Our fears are mounting, we huddle in darkness
And dread the unseen evil that surrounds.

V … Victory over this scourge is not in reach.
It’s toll of death and despair is mounting.

I … I cry out for your protection,
I long to find comfort within my soul.

D … Dear God, send your Holy Spirit to rid this evil
Grant us your steadfast love.
Grant us peace.

“A Psalm” by Susan Heath

My heart is heavy. I want to believe the LORD is righteous and just.
I want to believe the LORD is compassionate and loving.
I want to believe the LORD guides all mankind toward rightness.
But I see the poor grow in number and their children go hungry and be denied the tools and education to change their circumstance.
I see around me arrogance, cruelty and those who speak with malice.
I see the callous, vindictive and self-important rewarded with prosperity.
I see violence and oppression go unpunished.
And I wonder. LORD, strengthen my faith and guide my thoughts.
LORD, help me to understand that you know all human plans and to recognize that human plans are futile.
LORD, teach me to rely on your love with an “undivided heart.”
LORD, teach me to trust you, to learn your ways and to grow a “heart of wisdom.”

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