Results of the work done by our Vision and Implementation Teams continues to be seen in all our ministries. The plan, crafted over nearly four years of study, reflection and prayer, is evidenced in many ways. One place where results are tangible is in the Harnish Center. We continue to make steady progress on reinventing the space for our combined Contemporary Worship service.

The carpet has been replaced with vinyl flooring and the entire space has been repainted. In addition, the basketball goals have been removed from the ceiling and new, more comfortable chairs have been ordered and are expected in early July. The space will also be reoriented so that the doors to Azeele Street become the entry point to the space and not a distraction behind the stage.

If you’ve ever been involved in a construction project, you know it takes a bit of time to make all the desired changes. Design work continues to create a space that will allow for a richer worship experience. This week, workers are fabricating and installing acoustical panels to provide a sound environment that enhances the wonderful music Colleen, Danny and the band bring to worship.

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