As we embrace the summer season of our ministry year, we wanted to express our heart-felt appreciation for you and your family. We are blessed to serve you and your family. We feel extremely privileged to be able to walk this sometimes difficult journey of parenting with you.

The summer months are full of free time for your children and teens. It is also a season of more time at home as we continue to socially distance for the most part. These moments can be a great time of bonding and conversation, or they can be times for everyone to quietly play, swipe and tap away on their mobile devices.

We wanted to offer you some quick help while we are in the summer months on “How to Help Your Children and Teens Manage Mobile Tech.” We hope this short list of helpful hints gives you the opportunity to set a tone for your family this summer. This short little list may just change your summer and allow your family to take back some valuable moments and memories!

  1. Tech is a privilege, not a right
  2. Social Media accountability
  3. Internet and cell bedtimes
  4. Family fun that leaves tech alone

We know there are moments of both frustration and joy in these years of development. These years are years of change in every way, and we know that there are moments you feel alone in the struggle. We want you to know that you are not alone.

We sincerely want you to know that there is a community of faith here ready to support you and back you up.

God is not seeking perfect parents but parents that are made perfect in Him. We want to offer a short few moments of development, allowing God to work in you and help to make you feel equipped. You are worthy of God’s calling on your life to raise your children and teens.

Please check out this week’s online parenting class.

We are ALWAYS here to help you and pray with you.

Kristin Passath                          Emily Kuche



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