2020. What a year. But before we get to 2021, help your family this November do something that may seem a little odd after all we’ve been through—help them be grateful. Use the Gratitude Prompts to help them express gratitude. Pray for each other, that God will help you face each week with an attitude of gratitude.

You can use the prompts in a few ways:

OPTION #1: As a family, go through the prompts all month long and randomly pick a circle. Maybe it’s a good dinner time activity! (Note: Don’t feel like you have to do this every single day. Choose a column or row, or go through the chart in whatever way makes the most sense for your family.) Read a prompt and ask each family member to think of a person or story that comes to mind and share it with everyone.
OPTION #2: If you want to remember your answers, fill in each box with each person’s answers. Or have each person fill in their own chart.
OPTION #3: If possible, send a thank you note, text, email, or handmade card to the people you think about to let them know you are thankful for them.
OPTION #4: Planning a Thanksgiving dinner? Go around the table and have each person pick a prompt and share about a person or story that comes to mind.


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