In a Midweek Message from July of last year, Pastor Magrey detailed the importance of seeking ways to find Sabbath. Specifically, “many clergy suffer from emotional burnout, workaholism and depression, likely due in part to a reluctance to regularly observe a focused time of spiritual renewal.” Further, “the United Methodist Book of Discipline encourages clergy to have several weeks of spiritual growth and renewal every four years.” Our Staff Parish Relations Committee monitors and supervises various aspects of employment at Hyde Park, including encouraging our pastors to find that time of renewal. Pastor Justin will take this renewal time this summer.

Justin celebrated his 15th anniversary at Hyde Park United Methodist in June. This anniversary is a fitting milestone for him to take a renewal leave starting July 19 through August 30. This is his first extended leave since he started in 2005! His leave will focus on “rest and reconnection.” During his time away, he will visit sacred spaces, including two monasteries, and engage in spiritual practices that grounded him in his call. He will see a spiritual director, do lots of meditation, and discover new sacred places with Caroline and the kids. This time away will facilitate Justin reconnecting with God, family, his identity in Jesus Christ, and will refuel his passion for ministry.

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