Serve in the City



DAY: Weekday
HOW OFTEN: As schedule permits, but hopefully 2x a month
Offering a kind word and a smile to one who is homebound or not well can bring tremendous joy and hope to them. We are looking for those with the gifts of encouragement, mercy and empathy. The Congregational Care team will offer some basic training and let you know how you can further assist this ministry.

Click here to email Joan Mellen for more information.

Care Callers

DAY: Weekday
HOW OFTEN: 1-4 times per month on your scheduled month
Sometimes members of our church family are missing from the community because they are not well or are going through a difficult time. This newly re-organized team will reach out with a phone call or a note of encouragement to those who are not in worship.

Click here to email Linda Brown for more information.

Love Meals

DAY: Weekday

HOW OFTEN: Weekly, monthly, or more; it’s up to you.
Sometimes you just need the gift of food to help you feel better. So, several times a month, a list is created of folks who could use a bit of ‘lovin’ from the oven and this team makes sure those meals get delivered. We hope you will consider joining us to spread the love!

Click here to email Drema Muller for more information.

Missions and Outreach