Several months ago, a member of this church came to us with an idea. While vacationing in another town out of state, she saw yard signs people were displaying on their front lawns all over town. It had a simple message: Love. To say yes to love, and no to hate, and to love God, and to love one another.

It was such a positive message, and she wondered to herself, “I wonder if my United Methodist Church down in Tampa would consider offering these signs to our members.” It says, in no uncertain terms: “Say Yes to Love, No to Hate, Love God, Love all.” It’s a pure, simple, biblical message, that echoes our mission statement, of Making God’s love real, teaching people to follow Jesus by loving God and loving all. In addition, this popular message has been created as a sticker for you to place on your care, notepad cover or laptop.

Pick up both signs and stickers on Sunday mornings during Onsite Worship, or we can deliver them in the Tampa Bay area. To request delivery, please submit your request by email, including your delivery address.

As you display these signs, note there is nothing that identifies Hyde Park United Methodist. No hash tag to link it to any particular organization or movement. It is your opportunity to make a public witness to the love that you have received from God that you wish to demonstrate for others. You can participate in this campaign. Simply take a picture with the sign or sticker post it your social media accounts. We suggest you use the hashtags #LoveAll #HydePark #ForTampa.

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