Manna Bags are a “grab and go” item that can be given to people experiencing homelessness on our streets. Each zippered storage bag contains Scriptures, local resource information, snacks, sunscreen and socks to give to those in need.

These bags are simply a way of connecting with another person and offering hope. While they meet physical needs, they can also meet emotional, social, and spiritual needs between people.

When you offer a bag, remember it is the choice of the person you are asking if they want it. Look them in the eye, introduce yourself, show the bag, and ask if they would like it. As you are comfortable, continue the conversation as you would with anyone else you were meeting for the first time. Even from your car window, you can connect person to person, eye to eye, child of God to child of God. The interaction doesn’t need to be long to be impactful.

You might ask where they are from, or how they are doing, or if they know where they can go for food. (Trinity Café serves food every day.) Talk as long as you have time or interest. As you leave, ask them to remember you in their prayers, as you remember them in yours. And then really do continue to pray for them.

It may seem awkward, but like anything you do, the more you practice, the more comfortable you will become. Consider it yet another opportunity to Make God’s Love Real.

A $5 donation per bag requested.

Email Emily Felgenhauer, Director of Youth Ministries, for more information or to help assemble the bags.

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