Dear Hyde Park Family,

This Sunday, we join with you and your loved ones in celebrating the fathers and father figures in our lives. May it be a day of remembrance and gratitude for all of you.

In the spirit of a prayer for Mother’s Day I wrote a few years ago, I offer this prayer to guide your thoughts and feelings as we observe this day. I recognize that for some, this is a day of joy and gladness. For others, it brings a sense of grief, regret, and even anger, as a result of past pain or loss.

Whatever this day might bring you, let us lift them to God in prayer together.

A Father’s Day Prayer

God of Power, Provision and Unfailing Love,

We come to you in gratitude, as children before a loving parent whose gifts are always good and perfect. In you we are knit together as one human family, created in your image, and made to love and serve in your likeness. We celebrate how your divine love is reflected in our human expressions of parenthood and family.

We thank you for fathers. We are grateful for the role they play in guiding those entrusted in their care, providing for their needs, and shaping their character and behavior. Grant them strength for their daily tasks, wisdom in the lessons they teach, patience in their shaping of conscience and character, and love in all they do and say.

We thank you for all father figures – grandfathers and uncles, brothers and husbands, teachers and friends, and all those who sacrifice daily for those in their charge. Grant them grace in their speech and their deeds, that others may see you through them.

We remember, O God, that amid our gratitude, this day also brings a restlessness in our spirit, as we acknowledge feelings that are more difficult to name and bear.

For those who mourn the loss of their fathers, especially those for whom this is their first Father’s Day since their loved one’s death, grant your peace and a renewed sense of the resurrection. Fill their emptiness with love, and their future with hope.

For those who are reminded daily of their own biological inability to conceive, those struggling to adopt, and those who have suffered the loss of a child, draw them especially close to your heart. May their process of grief be filled with grace. Surround them with loving community, and reveal to them creative and dynamic ways to leave a legacy beyond their years.

For those whose memories of their fathers elicit pain, suffering and anger, grant your spirit of healing within their hearts. Open new pathways toward forgiveness of self and others, and a persistent work toward reconciliation and wholeness.

Ultimately, we give you thanks for fathers at all stages of life. For new fathers braving the new world of parenthood, for seasoned fathers guiding their children into adulthood, for empty nesters rediscovering who they are, for children of aging parents who must develop new ways to love and care, and for fathers in the twilight of their years, that they might face the unknown with courage and assurance.

In every season of life, we rely on you and your tender, guiding hand through every high and low. May we always come to you with a child-like spirit of wonder, humility, and obedience, that we may fully live into the potential that you have created in us.

For you are our heavenly father and mother to us all, and we give you thanks.

In the name of Jesus, who called you, “Abba, Father,”


Grace and Peace,


The Rev. Magrey deVega
Senior Pastor, Hyde Park United Methodist

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