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Hyde Park’s mission partners, Pat and Melenda Edmiston are missionaries with Wycliffe – Partners in Bible Translation, a nondenominational mission organization dedicated to translating the Scriptures and teaching people to read and write in their own language.

An excerpt from the Edmiston’s latest newsletter: After many years of hard work and faithful dedication, the Fanamaket New Testament was dedicated and distributed to the people. I (Pat) began working with the Fanamaket translators in August of 2012. Since then they have faithfully worked to complete their New Testament. For the past couple of years, translator Lori was able to attend Bible college in Australia and receive his degree. He now plans to use the Fanamaket scriptures in ministry to his own people. Melenda and I want to thank you for enabling us to have a vital part in bringing about the culmination of this spiritual milestone. We know that it will bear fruit for eternity.

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