Pat and Melenda Edmiston are missionaries with Wycliffe – Partners in Bible Translation, a nondenominational mission organization dedicated to translating the Scriptures and teaching people to read and write in their own language. Pat and Melenda serve in the country of Papua New Guinea (PNG). Here’s an excerpt from their latest newsletter:

In Challenging Times Like These

Southeast Asia

As you can imagine, I cannot travel and yet I am giving my input as a Bible Consultant to meet the needs of translators waiting for their completed scriptures to be approved for publishing. Thankfully, because of the worldwide internet, I am involved in a translation project in Southeast Asia. They have published their New Testament and are beginning to work on the Old Testament now. We are working through their translation of Genesis at 8:00 AM their time (9:30 PM, my time). We connect up through Zoom and discuss any questions I have or problems I may have detected in their translation. They are a very capable group and we have completed the first 14 chapters. Pray that we continue to make good progress and have good communication.

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