Shining the Light Ministries, our mission partner in Nicaragua, provides agriculture training and support to low income families in the area around Leon. Here’s an excerpt from their recent newsletter.

It is a blessing to know that in the midst of all the situation that we are going through around the world, the grace and mercy of God has reached us until today. As Asociacion Brillando la Luz de Cristo en Nicaragua working hand by hand with Shining the Light Ministries, we are an entity at the service of God and the communities to which God has sent us, despite the world situation that we face, we have been able to be a blessing to all those who are around us.

In this third quarter of the year we have experienced many changes and challenges which have affected the economy of many families and the entire country, many people have not gotten back their Jobs yet and many businesses have not reopened their doors yet. A positive point about the situation in country is that we have been able to notice fewer cases of Covid 19, hospitals are not as saturated with people infected by Covid 19 as in previous months, despite that, most of the people are taking the sanitary precautions to avoid the spread or increase of the number of people infected by the virus.

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