Shining the Light Ministries, our mission partner in Nicaragua, provides agriculture training and support to low income families in the area around Leon.Their focus is in three areas: Gardens, Poultry and Sewing.

Here is an excerpt from their latest newsletter:

The Birth of a Ministry within a Ministry: Part I By Pastor Greg Lentz

I had met Jeff Schweizer at the International Ministries “Hear the Call” conference at Green Lake, Wisconsin in 2016. We were there to discern and explore our callings to ministry. I had recently completed my undergraduate degree and felt that I was being called to become a missionary. I was exposed to international missions on my trips to Haiti with 1st Baptist Church in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. During this time I was able to speak with a variety of different missionaries and also spent time with Jeff as we spoke about our different experiences. Jeff shared his experience in Nicaragua and I shared my experiences in Haiti. It was in a conversation with Jim Bell, Associate Director of International Ministries that he posed the question of what the work was that I wanted to do if I was to become a missionary. My simple response was that I wanted to share the Gospel. Jim Bell suggested that I should look at possibly taking some Biblical classes before making a decision on becoming a missionary. It wasn’t until I was driving home from Green Lake that I found myself overcome by a strong desire to continue my education. It is in this moment that I knew God wanted me to continue my education and enroll into Seminary. As I began my seminary experience at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, I continued to stay in touch with Jeff. Jeff left an open invitation for me to travel with him to Nicaragua. Over the next couple of years I remained in contact with Jeff, and in January of 2019 I was able to finally embark on a trip to Nicaragua that would change my life.

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