This Sunday, April 10 is Palm Sunday. Children of all ages are invited to participate in worship by waving palm branches at the beginning of the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services.


To participate in the 9:30 Harnish Center Service: All preschool and elementary families need to check children in on the iPads in the Wesley Center lobby first. Then meet in the breezeway just outside the playground by 9:20 a.m.


After checking preschool children in, Preschool Families are asked to join the processional with their children. You will then bring your preschool child to the breezeway after the processional. Preschool children will go with Ms. Melissa and the 3-4-K Shepherds to Sunday Morning Live! Parents and caretakers are welcome to return to service at that time. (At least one youth or adult must accompany 3-4-K children through the processional.)


After checking elementary children in, Elementary Families have the option to join the processional with their children or drop them off with Ms. Kim in the breezeway. (Any children dropped off with Ms. Kim will be walked up to the Wesley Center 3rd floor for Sunday Morning Live! after the processional.)


11 a.m. Sanctuary Service: Meet in the Courtyard by 10:55 a.m. (No check in required.) The children’s choir will lead the processional. All families are encouraged to join the processional as well. Children can also meet Ms. Kim and Ms. Melissa in the Courtyard to process through the Sanctuary, but will be sent to sit with their families from the side aisle after the processional. (There is no drop-off option as there is no children’s programming at 11 a.m.)


Nursery children are welcome to participate with their families at both services. After the processional, parents or caretakers will then need to check in and drop off their nursery child in the Nursery.


Bring a palm branch and join the celebration!

(Please bring a child-sized palm branch that is easy for your kiddo to wave on their own.)


Questions? Contact the Children’s Team!


p.s. Walk with Jesus Family Holy Week Experience at 4 p.m. also on Sunday, April 10. Learn more and RSVP now.

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