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Abe Brown Ministries’ works to break cycles of incarceration by helping renew the minds of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated citizens, motivating them to change their behaviors and achieve purposeful lives as a compassionate demonstration of the Love of Jesus Christ.

Karlin’s Success Story

Karlin grew up one of seven children to a single mom in North Carolina. After leaving high school, he worked several different jobs to support himself financially. Karlin especially grew to love his career in the trucking industry. Karlin described himself as caring and easily trusting of everyone he came across. While working as a supervisor, he blindly trusted one of the workers which unfortunately led to his incarceration. Following his release from prison, Karlin decided to join the Ready4Work-Hillsborough program for employment assistance. Through this program’s Career Development Classes and Employment Workshops, Karlin received the necessary resources he needed to get his life back on track. He obtained all of the skills that were necessary for him to become both a successful truck driver and a proactive member of society. Karlin states that Ready4Work-Hillsborough taught him better decision-making skills which ultimately increased his self-worth. With the help of his Career Coach, Karlin was able to secure a truck driving job at Action Specialty Packaging. Karlin’s goals are to obtain his GED and to maintain thoughts and actions of self-worthiness. He also hopes to stay in contact with Abe Brown Ministries’ Read4Work-Hillsborough, because they helped him stay grounded and on the right track.

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