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Abe Brown Ministries’, one of Hyde Park’s mission partners, works to break cycles of incarceration by helping renew the minds of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated citizens, motivating them to change their behaviors and achieve purposeful lives as a compassionate demonstration of the Love of Jesus Christ.

Larry’s Success Story

At the age of eight, Larry moved with his family from Rochester, New York to Apopka, Florida. It was there in Apopka that his troubles started. He and his six siblings were raised by their single mother, and he found himself spending a lot of time with older guys in his neighborhood. Initially, he hung out with them to play pool, but it later progressed to selling marijuana with them. By 7th grade, he started skipping school so that he could sell drugs on the corner to make quick money. Larry then dropped out of school and found himself involved with a crew of guys who would burglarize homes and steal cars. After 9th grade, he returned to high school so that he could play basketball and run track. Even then, he continued burglarizing homes and was arrested twice, but let go with no consequences. By the age of 18, his actions finally caught up with him when he was arrested after his fingerprints were connected to two burglaries. Larry was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years, and was released on March 9, 2021 after serving 38 years in prison.

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