Abe Brown Ministries’ works to break cycles of incarceration by helping renew the minds of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated citizens, motivating them to change their behaviors and achieve purposeful lives as a compassionate demonstration of the Love of Jesus Christ.

“Rev. Abraham Brown was a man who had such an influence over my life. It wasn’t what he said, it was watching his action match what he said. I watched him mop the fellowship hall. I told Pastor I would do it because this was not his job. He said he was able and it needed to be done – didn’t matter who did it. That was him. He took the time to talk, sit, and pray for people even if he was on his way to do something else. He knew the minds and attitudes of the people he served. He loved beyond attitudes and behaviors. He loved unconditionally. He used to say, ‘You have to catch a fish before you can clean ’em.’ He knew that people were broken, but he knew a God that would love through brokenness and show compassion which leads to conversion.

Pastor could do all things because God was his motivation and purpose. I watched that and wanted to follow a man that followed after Christ. I felt he belonged to me because my last name was Brown. He saw potential in me when I didn’t know what God was saying to me. He said pray for clarity and call Trinity. He didn’t turn me away or discourage me. I knew I wanted to be a part of Abe Brown Ministries and tell my story at a corner full of life, promise, encouragement, and opportunities.

If Rev. Brown could see the corner now, he would be proud. His vision is active and moving forward helping those who don’t have what we have, or the opportunities we have. They want love, a shoulder to lean on, and an encouraging word even if that’s not what we’re getting in return. Rev. Brown modeled all of that and it is evident at that corner. I stand at the corner of grace. Thank you for inviting me in.”

Donna Brown
Donna facilitates Active Parenting Now classes for Abe Brown Ministries’ Ready4Work-Hillsborough program.

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