What is the most popular drink in the world that does not have alcohol? How many players are there on a baseball team? Which of the planets is closest to the sun? Learn the answers to these questions and more during an exciting afternoon of trivia at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26 That’s right, the PrimeTimers are doing “Trivia – Hyde Park Style” and we really hope you’ll join us.

It’s true … games are essential for keeping our minds engaged and brain exercises jog the memory, but I miss seeing you all and think it will be fun to try to stump each other with our prowess. We will be broken up into teams which will work together to answer general knowledge, pop culture and maybe a few Bible trivia questions. This activity is open to everyone, so it’s a great time to invite a friend to join the PrimeTimers.

This gathering is especially for those folks who have a knack for remembering those ‘seemingly unimportant facts’ of life! So, come show us what you know.


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