Did you know that our Children’s Ministries teams on Sundays for Preschool and Elementary are made up of parents, grandparents and friends who love children, just like you?

Without our amazing volunteers, Children’s Ministries on Sunday mornings wouldn’t be possible!

And we need YOU, even if you’ve never served with Children’s Ministries before!

If you are excited to be coming back in person and love kids, now is the perfect time to  say, “Yes, I’d love to serve!


Time commitments: One hour, Sundays during Worship. Serve weekly, monthly or as available.

Current Roles: Greeters and Shepherds (teachers)

Greeter Responsibilities: Welcome families and direct children to their classrooms; assist with the check-in process.

Shepherd Responsibilities: Co-lead 6-12 children (Ages 3 – Kindergarten or Grades 1-5) through a pre-planned lesson with a Bible story and game, craft or activity.


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