Our church musicians inspire us… learn what inspires them and deepen your connection to our church community. Join us on our Facebook page at 10 a.m. each Saturday for “Sounds Of the City.” Over the summer we’ll be sharing videos created by our team of incredibly talented musicians, whose purpose is to Make God’s Love Real.
If you missed one (or more) of our videos, please watch them here.

Our final video of our Summer Series features Christopher and Jermaine Walker. Jermaine is the host of our Fourth Friday Open Mic nights. Both brothers have a long history with a broad range of musical genres, including hip hop, rap and gospel. Their music always contains an inspirational piece, designed to lead people to Christ. Christopher and Jermaine perform an inspiration song, “Do It Again,” that reminds them and us that regardless of our challenges, God comes through for us. ​#HydeParkUMC #Soundsof theCity

Will Shine is a member of The Band, contributing his skills to creation and production of music and videos. Will and his friend, Aditya Rao, met through their wives who were best friends through Francesca grade school and college. Adi’s music is a fusion of his musical experiences from both cultures, including Indian classical vocal music and western music.
Their current project, “Frequency Prayer,” fuses Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions with Latin texts and contemplates what to do next and where to go next in this area of disruption caused by the global pandemic. #HydeParkUMC #SoundsoftheCity


Francesca Ani’s sings in The Band when those services are held at our Hyde Park location. Of late, she’s been sharing her vocal talents in videos recorded for our online worship services. Francesca has played piano and guitar for well over a decade as well as clarinet and several other instruments. Here she performs “I’m Coming Home,” the first Christian song she wrote with co-writers and based on the story of the prodigal son. #HydeParkUMC #SoundsoftheCity


This video showcases shares the talents of Danny Rivera, our Director of Magnolia Music. In his intro, Danny talks about how he began singing at an early age and that many members of his family are musicians. He began playing violin in middle school and ultimately earned his degree with this instrument. He also picked up keyboard and guitar skills while in college. Danny shares an original song he wrote with his friend, Tanyaliz Beauchamp. She joins him to perform it for us.  #HydeParkUMC #Soundsof theCity

Tim Diehl first started playing at Hyde Park when our contemporary worship service was led by Belinda Womack. Over the past 17 years, Tim has continued to play the drums with The Band. In this video, he shares a piece of his own creation called “Song for Cary.” #HydeParkUMC #SoundsoftheCity


This video showcases the talents of our contemporary band. In her intro, Colleen Schmitt, our Director of Contemporary Music, discusses the hope we share through our community of faith and that we share with the community around us. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter as allies in this historic struggle for justice. #HydeParkUMC #Soundsof theCity

This video features Katie Huettel who discovered her singing talent in middle school chorus. The positive feedback she received in that class boosted her confidence and made her realize she can indeed sing. Her current pursuits include musical theater and, of course, singing in The Band. Here’s Katie performing “Gratitude.” #HydeParkUMC #SoundsoftheCity


This video showcases the talents of Will Shine. He has been involved in music from an early age and has a broad range of musical and professional experiences that he shares with use. In “Let Justice Roll Like a River,” Will created, produced, and edited the video as well as editing the audio in his home studio. #HydeParkUMC #Soundsof theCity

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