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Dear Hyde Park Family,

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, which has been commemorated by the United Nations since 1975 and endorsed by our denomination’s United Methodist Women (recently renamed United Women in Faith.) It is a global celebration of women and an acknowledgment of the disparities and injustices experienced by women around the world.

In my prior church in Cherokee, Iowa, we would observe this day every year on the Sunday after International Women’s Day. We would begin the service with the ringing of bells and the offering of the following prayer that we wrote together. I invite you to offer this prayer as well.

Every day, but especially on this day, I celebrate my daughters Grace and Madelyn, and women everywhere, with a shared commitment to work toward a just, equitable, and peaceful world.

A Liturgy for International Women’s Day

Eternal God, who created us all in your image, and who desires justice and mercy for all your people, hear our prayers for women around the world.

For those lacking opportunities for education, access to health care, and the right to vote,

Lord, hear our prayer.

For those struggling for economic, political, and social equality,

Lord, hear our prayer.

For those yearning for freedom from violence, and those subject to human trafficking,

Lord, hear our prayer.

For those suffering in poverty, and those hiding as refugees,

Lord, hear our prayer.

Hear us in our silent prayer for women near and far, that they may achieve their full potential as your children, created for your purpose.

(Silent Prayer and the Ringing of Bells)

Hear us, through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom there is no male or female, and who taught us to pray, saying together:

(The Lord’s Prayer)

Grace and Peace,



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