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We share in the support of the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, typically in months that contain a fifth Sunday.

The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home (FUMCH) is a refuge and haven for abused, neglected and troubled children. It has been serving residents of the state of Florida for more than 100 years. Children are provided a home-like setting at the main campus or the Youth Ranch. In addition to caring for children under the age of 18, the Home has an Independent Living program serving young adults 18– 26–years old and their families.

In the video below, Michelle speaks about her experiences at the Children’s Home. She came there as a result of an emergency placement, and was blessed with great house parents who worked hard to make them a family. She also worked with a counselor to help her work through challenges in her life. Because of the care and support she received, her life has changed in ways should couldn’t have seen years ago.

Next Fifth Sunday: May 30, 2021

To support their ministry, please make an online contribution. For more information, contact Pat Kelly.