We share in the support of the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, typically in months that contain a fifth Sunday.

The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home (FUMCH) is a refuge and haven for abused, neglected and troubled children. It has been serving residents of the state of Florida for more than 100 years. Children are provided a home-like setting at the main campus or the Youth Ranch. In addition to caring for children under the age of 18, the Home has an Independent Living program serving young adults 18–26-year olds and their families.

One of the most vital parts of their care is the therapeutic component. To help children process the trauma they have experienced, they regularly meet with a therapist – both individually and in a group setting.

In this video below, Rebekah shines a light on the therapeutic work that both she and other Child and Family Therapists provide at the Children’s Home. Not only does she share about the myriad of effects that trauma has had on our children, she also speaks to the ways in which God continues to use the Children’s Home to transform lives.

Next Fifth Sunday: Jan. 31, 2021
To support their ministry, please make an online contribution. For more information, contact Pat Kelly.

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