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​Dear Lenten Pilgrims,

In my journey of living into “savor” as my key word for Lent, I am sharing a prayer I experienced last weekend that I have found to be very meaningful.

Last Saturday, I attended an event in Orlando called “Exploration,” which gathered people from around the country who are exploring a call into ministry. It was incredibly inspiring in its hopeful vision of the future of the United Methodist Church.

In one of the opening worship services, my colleague and friend Rev. Debbie Allen offered this guided prayer, which was published by the spiritual resource Enfleshed.

It is a prayer meant to be prayed slowly and meditatively to allow the Holy Spirit to move in and between the phrases. You might simply choose to read the prayer to yourself silently, pausing along the way. You might be creative, audio recording yourself on your phone or other device, so that you can close your eyes as you receive the prayer in your own voice. Or you might have someone else do the same for you, as you experience the prayer together.

However you offer it to God, may this prayer be a blessing to you as it was to me.

God Who Pays Attention

By M. Jade Keiser

God who feels,

God who pays attention,

God who formed webs of life entangled,

Help me to notice today…

To notice my body – what it’s telling me it needs and wants.

To notice my neighbors – who they are and how they are.

To notice the creatures and creations around me – each as a valuable life of their own.

You know my limitations – what is enough or too much

To be aware of at once.

To connect with.

To feel. To hold.

Do not allow me to rush pass what needs or deserves my attention.

Neither let me be overwhelmed by trying to bear more than my share.

Just help me to be alive to what is,

alive to you within and around.


The Rev. Magrey deVega
Senior Pastor, Hyde Park United Methodist