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Dear Hyde Park Family,

As we begin this Lenten journey, we join our hearts and spirits in prayer for the devastation occurring in the country of Ukraine and the trauma experienced by its people around the world. We pray for an end to violence, comfort for the mourning and frightened, and an emergence of strong leadership to rise against tyranny and injustice.

May we be guided by the words of this spiritual anthem of the people of Ukraine. It is called “Prayer for Ukraine,” written by Oleksander Konysky, and is often sung at the conclusion of worship services in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.


Lord, oh the Great and Almighty,

Protect our beloved Ukraine,

Bless her with freedom and the light

Of your holy rays.

With learning and knowledge enlighten

Us, your children small,

In love pure and everlasting

Let us, oh Lord, grow.

We pray, oh Lord Almighty,

Protect our beloved Ukraine,

Grant our people and country

All your kindness and grace.

Bless us with freedom, bless us with wisdom,

Guide us into a kind world,

Bless us, oh Lord, with good fortune

Forever and evermore.

To continue in the spirit of this beautiful prayer, you might join us this Sunday at the 11:00 a.m. traditional service, as the Chancel Choir offers a rendition of this song.


In addition to prayer, you might choose to make a financial contribution to the efforts of our denomination’s relief agency, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), which is in communication with partners in the region and actively exploring the coordination of humanitarian response in Ukraine. You can give through this link, and to read more click here


We begin a new Lenten worship series this Sunday titled “Overflowing: Living Life to God’s Fullest.” It invites us into an expansive embrace of God’s grace and forgiveness, through the self-emptying practices of obedience and surrender. To receive daily text messages that connect you to words of inspiration, encouragement, and prayer, click here.