Contemporary Worship Bulletin

Nov. 26, 2023

Order of Worship

Prelude | Everything That Has Breath (Praise)

Gathering the Church

Call to Worship | Jess O’Neil

Attendance, Prayers and Praises

Music | Praise You Anywhere

Music | Great Things

Music | Jesus Does

Congregational Prayer/Lord’s Prayer | Colleen Schmitt

Proclamation of the Word

Scripture | Colossians 1:11-20 | Danny Rivera

Sermon | Christ The King | The Rev. Justin Larosa

Response to the Word


Music | Manger Throne

Music | The Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours)

Sending Forth 

Announcements | The Rev. Magrey daVega

Benediction | The Rev. Magrey daVega

Step Into THis Story series gfx

Family Circle

Healing Prayer

John Langel

Lee Leavengood 

Sympathies to Cade Blair for the loss of his grandfather on Nov. 21.

The Flowers in the Sanctuary are given to the glory of God and in loving memory of Warren and Mary Ellen Rendall and Harold and Jeane Buell by the Buell and Garcia families.

Our Generosity in October
Ministry and Missions Received: $266,972; Needed YTD: $2,978,333; Received YTD: $2,850,219

Next Sunday

Sunday, Dec. 10

Mark 1:1-8 NRSV

The Rev. Magrey daVega

Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus, foretold by John the Baptist, who called us to “make his paths straight.” This can serve as a metaphor for peace-building and peace-making, which is at the heart of our Advent preparations. We should strive to be agents of peace, in our relationships with others.


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