News From Love INC

News From Love INC

Love INC, our mission partner, exists only to serve its member churches. Mobilizing churches, their members and resources produces volunteers that are Love INC trained to provide a variety of direct services to guests entrusted to our ministry.

In the August edition of the Love INC newsletter:

Wish List

  • Prayer Support
  • Donate including In-kind donations: media/promotion/office supplies, etc.
  • Five Warm Introductions to new member churches.
  • Ten new Help Center Volunteers: 9 – 1 p.m. Wednesdays – Fridays and flexible assignments to meet your schedule.
  • Five new volunteer Resource Navigators: In order to fully implement our REACH initiative, five volunteers willing to faith journey in a one to one relationship as mentor coach to participate in creating a success plan to improve the future of guests with long-term challenges.
  • Five volunteers willing to be trained as facilitators for REACH Program.
  • Interns year round including Media volunteer: media savvy student with iPhone in back pocket to help update our busy media platforms.
  • New or gently used, updated computers and laptops for guest who are planning to return to school/training programs.
  • Replenish low Love INC Dental Ministry fund to help pay guest lab fees.
  • Corporate Sponsors for breakfast events and/or programing.

Upcoming Events

Shining The Light Ministries News

Shining the Light Ministries, our mission partner in Nicaragua, provides agriculture training and support to low income families in the area around Leon. Here’s an excerpt from their recent newsletter.

As the Global pandemic continues, we are working hard to work with other missions and missionaries In the Leon area. Empower is making face shields for ABLLDC staff and family and Vickie Cline continues making masks for us. As you can imagine, the pandemic is creating job losses, food shortages and the medical system is more stressed than ever, and we continue to help Dr. Medina with food and medicine. We have started helping our gardening communities with food supplements of rice and beans. A bulk bag of rice and a bulk bag of beans costs $135 and helps 30 families for a week.

Read Their Newsletter

Fill the Table

Fill the Table

Fill the Table is an initiative launched in July 2020 by The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. Through a network of statewide partnerships and collaboration, the goal is to feed 3 million Floridians by September 2021.

Hyde Park United Methodist’s Open Arms ministry serves meals on Sunday mornings to hungry and homeless members of our community and our mission partners address this need as well. In the coming months, as we work toward the Fill The Table goal, we will be reporting the number of meals served through Open Arms and through our mission partners.

Get involved with Fill The Table!

You can help by volunteering with our mission partners:

While we are not able to meet in person for worship, small groups and other activities during the COVID limitations, the congregation can still be engaged in the Open Arms ministry. You can participate in Open Arms by letting our Open Arms friends know they are remembered and cared for by writing greeting cards. Learn More

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We Miss You, Need You – and Your Blood!

We Miss You, Need You – and Your Blood!

There’s no doubt, moving our church community online has had many far-reaching consequences. In addition to missing the chance to worship and fellowship together, we also miss opportunities to serve together. While all of our serving opportunities can be impactful, few have the impact of donating blood.

We have learned new ways to do so many things, including giving blood to those who need it, often desperately. While the Big Red Bus won’t be back at Hyde Park until we are, One Blood, our mission partner, has a variety of donation centers and mobile locations near you. It’s as easy as visiting their website and searching by ZIP code. Appointments are required. You’ll receive a cool T-shirt, a test to determine whether you have the COVID-19 antibodies, and the knowledge that you made a difference in someone’s life. Questions? Email Tracey Arehart, mission liaison.


Open Arms Cards and Letters

Open Arms Cards and Letters

Each Sunday morning, a small group of Open Arms volunteers gathers in the church parking lot to serve to-go lunches and deliver mail to our homeless community even while the campus is closed. With this service, the invaluable personal connections that are an important part of the Open Arms ministry are limited due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

Let’s show our Open Arms friends they are remembered and cared for – and continue to support this ministry even while on-campus activities are suspended by writing cards of encouragement.

We invite the church congregation to Make God’s Love Real by writing cards/letters of encouragement, drawing pictures (kids) for our Open Arms friends. These will be distributed on Sunday mornings at the Open Arms mail table for any guest who would like to receive this correspondence. The letters should be generic and not addressed to any specific individual; they will be distributed randomly.

Please mail to Hyde Park United Methodist, in care of Open Arms Letters Ministry, 500 W. Platt Street, Tampa, FL 33606. We recommend sending the cards in bulk, include an encouraging note or Scripture and sign your first name, and exclude your address from the individual envelopes.

Questions? Email Melissa Johnson

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