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This Sunday, May 22, 2022 – “Step 8 and 9”

Ephesians 4:25-32

The 12 Steps have helped people overcome hurts, habits and hang-ups. These steps help us do the work of self-examination that leads to a deeper relationship with God and with others. In many ways it is a form of discipleship where we grow and are changed through practices.
This week we explore Steps 8 and 9. We will make a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all. We will make direct amends to such people whenever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.


the Rev. Magrey deVega


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the Rev. Magrey deVega

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Reflection Questions- “Step 8 and 9”

  1. When has there been a time when you have had a hard time saying you’re sorry?
  2. Which of the four components of an apology (Regret, Responsibility, Repentance, Repair) are hardest for you?
  3. How will you take the next step in making amends with someone this week?


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