Dunbar Book Drive

Dunbar Book Drive

Dunbar Elementary Virtual Book Drive

At the start of every year, we partner with Dunbar Elementary to provide students with brand-new books to read that are age-appropriate and educational. Through this work we support the teachers and administrators of the school and help the students become life-long learners who value reading.


A Letter from Dunbar Elementary

We are still reaping the benefits of last year’s HPUMC book drive!  Thanks to the generous support of members shopping our online book fair for the book drive, we were able to order twice as many books for the library this year!  This was very meaningful as I was enabled to update our medical book section, our biographies, books by and about Native American and other people of color, as well as order multiple series of high-interest beginning chapter books.  

This year the book fair company that we are using for our fundraising is Junior Library Guild, which is known for having high-quality books that kids love.  The goal of this book drive is for each student at Dunbar to be able to choose their very own book to keep.  Studies show that having books in the home is linked to a child’s success in school. This book drive gets the kids excited about books and also helps them grow up in that literature-rich environment.

The church makes such an impact by supporting literacy in our school!  Not only do the books from the book drive go straight into the kids’ hands, but the profits from the JLG fair will enable me to order even more new, high-interest books for the library.  Having lots of choices available in the library helps add excitement to choosing, as well as ensuring that I have ‘something for everyone’.  

In this online book fair, when you land on the website you will see a red area on the left side of the screen with “teacher lists” at the top.  If you use those lists to add books to your cart, they will be automatically shipped straight to Dunbar.  Don’t let the checkout process confuse you; it will ask for your address!  If you chose from the teacher wish list section (red), then the books will ship to Dunbar.


Sarah Cote Goralewicz

Dunbar Elementary Librarian


Here’s How You Can Participate 

You can participate in this year’s book drive by purchasing books HERE in this virtual book fair or by giving HERE. (Please note: when prompted for an address please type in 1730 W Union St, Tampa, FL 33607.)

If you would like to volunteer at Dunbar Elementary, please email Kathy Avant, church liaison.

Watch this video to learn more about the impact this work has on the students and the school.

Dunbar Elementary Fall Kick-Off

Dunbar Elementary Fall Kick-Off

Dear Hyde Park Community,

We are so excited to share our plans for the upcoming school year. We expect to be back on Dunbar Elementary’s campus with very few restrictions. The administration team is welcoming us back with open arms and many wonderful ideas of how we can make the biggest impact yet with the students and staff of Dunbar.

We want to get our volunteers connected and helping with classroom needs right away this year. There will also be many other ways to volunteer – such as helping with special events, gardening, or sharing a skill with the students as a club leader.

We also want you to see the building and grounds with all the improvements. In order to facilitate this, we are inviting you to attend a Coffee with Dunbar, 9 – 10 a.m. Monday, Aug. 2. This is before students start back to school. We hope to have as many of our volunteers attend as possible – and please bring an interested friend. This will be an informal opportunity to be introduced to the principal, Ms. Cynthia Crim, the teachers and staff, see the school with all the improvements, including our redecorated teachers’ lounge, updated media center, covered court, the garden and the animals. We hope you might make a connection with a teacher you would enjoy helping this year or finding an area of interest for you. In-depth training for volunteers will be provided at a later date.

Please mark your calendar for 9 a.m. Aug. 2. YOU are the PULSE of the PARTNERSHIP! It can’t survive without you! Please reply to let us know you will be there on Aug. 2 with an email to Kathy Avant, ministry liaison.

We also want to share the tentative dates of the “big events” for our Partnership Volunteers. Feel tree to add them to your calendar. Details about each of these events will be shared as more information becomes available.


A Dunbar Elementary Christmas

A Dunbar Elementary Christmas

Hyde Park’s volunteers at Dunbar Elementary School continue to make a difference in the lives of Dunbar’s students. In the above photo, 13 volunteers wrap up 200 books for the students. The presentation will be topped off with a video of Santa telling the children about the books they will receive. Contact Kathy Avant to get involved.

News from Dunbar Elementary School

Hyde Park United Methodist has joined an initiative of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church for every United Methodist Church to partner with a local Title I school and provide support and encouragement to students and staff. This initiative follows the example of John Wesley who believed that every child matters. Here’s an excerpt from Dunbar’s most recent newsletter:

Welcome Back from Mrs. Crim!

We’ve had such a great start to our school year! It is wonderful seeing our students in the hallways and working hard in their classrooms. We’ve been amazed at how well everyone follows our safety procedures for Covid. Students have been doing a great job wearing their masks and staying socially distant at lunch– we couldn’t be more proud of them!

Read the complete newsletter


Little Dresses Ministry Delivers Masks to Dunbar

Little Dresses Ministry Delivers Masks to Dunbar

Hyde Park’s Little Dresses Ministry continues to adapt to the current need for masks. In anticipation of the school’s reopening, they produced 483 masks which were delivered to Dunbar.  The masks and the volunteers were received with great enthusiasm before the staff dashed off to continue to prepare! The principal and other staff members expressed their thanks to members of the team. Want to volunteer? Email Kathy Madden.

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