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Little Dresses for Missions, a mission of Hyde Park United Methodist, heard the call from The Rev. Tamara Isidore, a pastor from Haiti who serves in Bradenton. In response to the recent earthquake and hurricane in Haiti, Pastor Isidore asked for first aid relief items to be shipped to Haiti. Little Dresses for Missions sent 200 dresses to Haiti through Faith United Methodist Church, Bradenton. The dresses were dropped off at Faith United Methodist in large plastic tubs. Billie Trocke, Hyde Park member and sewer for Little Dresses for Missions, reported the church “was delighted to receive the dresses and thrilled to get the plastic tubs. After the hurricane flooding, everything is sodden and they have no way to keep anything dry. That church works ongoing with two orphanages in Haiti, so they have need for the dresses”.

To donate other items toward this relief effort, contact Faith United Methodist Church, Bradenton, Michelle Millner, 434.770.0580 or support disaster response and relief recovery through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) who will assess the storm’s impact and respond to immediate needs.