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Dear Hyde Park Family,

For today’s Midweek Message, I’m delighted to hand the message over to our Executive Director Peggy Hisey, who has an exciting report to share with us. Peggy came to us at the beginning of the year, with none of us knowing then what kind of year this would be. Because of her leadership, a talented staff, and an amazing congregation of faithful people like you, there is much to celebrate!


A New View

I can still see it. That big green machine disking up the field. The rich aroma of the earth rises to greet me. My skin prickles with goosebumps as I watch the trees shedding their thick coat as their leaves make a leisurely descent all around me. I have so many wonderful memories of living in central Illinois. The change in season was one of them. My favorite season by far was fall. We lived on three acres out in the country, giving me a front row seat to the seasons as well as the fall harvest.

I would watch the corn grow every summer as each stalk strained to flourish within its tiny piece of earth. Some days it seemed like it grew right before my very eyes. Eventually those stalks would wither and turn brown. The ears that once stood proudly would eventually fall over as if sleeping and weary. That’s when the hustle and bustle of the harvest started. The farmers would travel up and down the rows, making sure to gather all they had grown. Their energy was palpable.

This fall I have a new view, and I feel a different kind of energy, but just as palpable. One that comes from bearing the fruits of the harvest. I have seen that the workers in the fields for Christ have been tilling the land and planting seeds. Those seeds that have grown and are now being harvested.

I had the joy of gathering information for Hyde Park’s Annual Report this year. I didn’t realize it as I was gathering each piece, but I was harvesting the work you have been doing throughout the year. Thanks to your faithfulness in giving, praying and serving, we are seeing yields that we have not experienced for years! Our Annual Report summarizes the results of these activities. Of special note:

  • 68 New Members welcomed in 2020!
  • Nearly 890 people are involved in small groups and 89 are new participants this year!
  • We baptized 29 children and adults!
  • Our online Facebook group has grown by more than 700 members!
  • We reached people on six continents with the gospel message!
  • We provided more than 42,000 meals!

Fall brings all kinds of energy, and all kinds of things for which we are grateful. This year I am thankful for so many things. You, my Hyde Park family, are at the top of the list. I look forward to working beside you to continue the cycle of growing and harvesting in the name of Christ.

I pray you feel the gratitude as I do when I see all that has been accomplished and all that is possible with God, and that you will share this generosity as you complete and return your Estimate of Giving card this Sunday.
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” – Galatians 6:9

Serving Him with you,

Peggy Hisey
Executive Director, Hyde Park United Methodist