The Portico

The Portico is a community gathering space committed to impacting homelessness in our community and enhancing the social, artistic and spiritual fabric of Tampa through conversation, connection and community change. The Portico Cafe is our social enterprise. We are a downtown community of Hyde Park United Methodist.



Build relationships though small groups and

contemplation. Our groups engage people in important

conversation, spiritual practices and service that makes a




From its inception, The Portico has been a hub for the

local artistic community. Our dedicated arts team

leaders and volunteers have curated a space that

fosters important Conversation, Connection, and

Community Change.



We are a community of people who engage in

advocacy and awareness around important social

issues. There are multiple ways you can join the team

and make a difference.

The Portico’s Community Hall

“For the Love of the City” mural

Homeless Memorial 2020



Our church community is for people seeking

spiritual connection in a non-traditional church

setting, for those not interested in or

dissatisfied with traditional church expressions,

and for those who want to make a difference in

the community and put God’s real love in


The Portico Cafe is a social enterprise that

offers people transitioning from

homelessness, addiction, and incarceration

with job training, employment ladders, and

connections to safe, affordable housing.

The “Homeless Jesus” sculpture under the breezeway of The Portico is a visual reminder of the “least of these” in our society. It reflects our commitment to enhancing the social, artistic and spiritual fabric of Tampa.

The three-story-tall art mural “For Love of THIS City” at The Portico displays in vivid imagery and color the natural beauty, rich history and diverse communities of Tampa. The mural is a collaborative creation by Illsol – artists Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol. View it on the south wall of the Branscomb Building, just north of the Henderson Chapel.

Innovative, creative worship experiences attract those looking for a less traditional approach to their faith. Community projects, a missional coffee shop, artist gatherings, porch parties and discussion are just a few of the offerings you will find in this community of open-minded and warm-heartened followers of Christ.

The Rev. Justin LaRosa

Minister, The Portico campus

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