The Portico

Extending Hyde Park United Methodist’s mission and vision into the urban core of Tampa, The Portico offers Downtown Tampa: Conversation, Connection and Community Change.



A place where people can be unafraid to lower their guard, be authentic with each other, and talk about God in new ways.



Breathing space amidst the noise and busyness of life, inviting connection to God and each other through silence and meditation.



Engaging individuals in serving to make a difference in the community and the world.

The Portico’s Community Hall

“For the Love of the City” mural

Homeless Memorial 2020


Daily Meditation

12:15-12:45 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays

Meditation at Water Works Park

Join us at 10:30 a.m. March 28 for a time of meditation in the park. Bring your mat, blanket or chair and find some quiet time away from all the busyness. Questions? Please email Mary Britain.

The Portico also serves as a community gathering space committed to enhancing the social, artistic and spiritual fabric of Tampa through Conversation, Connection and Community Change.

The “Homeless Jesus” sculpture under the breezeway of The Portico is a visual reminder of the “least of these” in our society. It reflects our commitment to enhancing the social, artistic and spiritual fabric of Tampa.

The three-story-tall art mural “For Love of THIS City” at The Portico displays in vivid imagery and color the natural beauty, rich history and diverse communities of Tampa. The mural is a collaborative creation by Illsol – artists Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol. View it on the south wall of the Branscomb Building, just north of the Henderson Chapel.

Innovative, creative worship experiences attract those looking for a less traditional approach to their faith. Community projects, a missional coffee shop, artist gatherings, porch parties and discussion are just a few of the offerings you will find in this community of open-minded and warm-heartened followers of Christ.

The Rev. Justin LaRosa

Minister, The Portico campus

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