ABC Action News Reports on Robert Johnson Soil Collection Ceremony

ABC Action News covered the Robert Johnson Soil Collection Ceremony at The Portico. Sometimes our faith calls us to confront painful parts of our past and work to make right the wrongs of previous generations. One way we are engaging with this work is through our Justice Ministry. Recently, we partnered with Tampa City Councilman Luis Viera and the Equal Justice Initiative  to gather soil at the site where Robert Johnson, a Black man, was lynched on January 28, 1934.

Watch the ceremony below.

Volunteer at The Portico Received Presidential Pardon

One of The Portico’s volunteers, Thad Bereday, was recently surprised with presidential pardon, wiping out his conviction for a federal crime from several years ago. Thad has been volunteering at The Portico for some time, serving with The Portico Work Force Housing Solution. His unexpected pardon removes any trace of the federal conviction he received during his time at WellCare, a Tampa company, and has given him a fresh start on life. In addition to working with clients in Work Force Housing, he is involved in Criminal Justice reform. Watch Thad’s story in the video below.

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