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Abe Brown Ministries’, one of Hyde Park’s mission partners, works to break cycles of incarceration by helping renew the minds of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated citizens, motivating them to change their behaviors and achieve purposeful lives as a compassionate demonstration of the Love of Jesus Christ.

Phillip’s Success Story

Growing up, Phillip had a difficult childhood in which he experienced physical abuse at home and constant bullying at school. That caused him to become resentful, angry, and cynical towards the people around him. As he entered his teenage years, Phillip involved himself in criminal activity by selling drugs, and committing robberies. At age 18, Phillip decided to take a chance and enlist in the Navy. However, due to repeated misconduct, he was given an other than honorable discharge. To Phillip, this discharge confirmed that he was unable to function as a responsible member of society. Shortly after his discharge from the Navy, Phillip committed the crime that would require him to spend his next 32 years in prison.




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